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About this website

This website shows my collection of unused Prince tickets. That's right... un-used... Prince... concert tickets.

I already had a few unused tickets in my Prince collection, but I began collecting them seriously sometime in early 1999, when I discovered eBay.

This website doesn't only contain my own unused tickets, but also other unused tickets of which I have a good enough scan, and of which I know the actual dimensions. Also included are tickets that I have digitally recreated when often nothing more than a stub was available.

I always use the date and location that is printed on the tickets. Even if a concert was postponed to another date or venue. If no date is featured on the ticket, the actual date of the concert is mentioned.

For this website the tickets were scanned on 300dpi and converted to 80dpi. Images that have not been scanned by me were sized accordingly.

Thomas de Bruin